How to Obtain a Digital Signature for DGFT

Steps to be followed to get a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

1. Select DGFT Digital Signature and required quantity from

2. Login or Signup on

3. Select Payment Mode - Online or Offline - and Proceed.

4. Download the Application form (Click Here to download).

5. Duly fill the application form including your recent color passport size photo (for Renewals photo is not required).

6. Put your signature in the relevant places including the photo (Signature across photo is a must).

7. Supporting Documents
   a) Photo ID: Government issued Photo ID of the Subscriber which has subscriber signature.
   b) Address Proof: Organisational address as per the Branch code which reflects in IEC database is required (Click here to view your IEC).
   b) Proof of Right to do Business: Business registration document is required for Organisational certificate.
Acceptable Photo ID and Address proof are given below:

Pan Card Mobile / Telephone bill
VAT / Sales Tax
Electricity/water bill
Bank Statement attested by a Banker

Proof of Right to do Business (POR) documents accepted for OrganisationalCertificate:

The Subscriber needs to submit any one of the documents in the relevant category

Limited Company under Company Act Certificate of Incorporation OR
  Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Partnership Firms Partnership Deed
Proprietorship Concern Sales Tax /VAT Registration document issued to the Sole Proprietorship concern by the local, state or central government sales tax authority. OR
  Copy of the Income Tax returns filed in the last two years accompanied by the PAN card issued to the Sole Proprietorship concern. OR
  Licence to start a Factory OR
  Signature Verification Letter of the Proprietor from the Banker. (Click Here to download)
Societies Certificate of Registration OR
Memorandum of Association, Rules, Regulations Byelaws.

Business registration document should be attested by a Company Secretary with Seal, Director, Partner, proprietor or the Employee who attest the Section 4 of the subscription form.
For Organisation certificate, Section 4 attestation is not required if the subscriber is a Director, Partner or a Proprietor.

   a) Photo ID: Any other photo id issued by the Central/State Government of India which has the subscriber complete signature is acceptable
   b) Validity of the Address Proof: Recent proof, but not earlier than 3 months in case of electricity/mobile or telephone..
   c) Attestation: Both Photo ID and Address proof self should be self attested by the subscriber and also get counter attested by a Gazetted Officer or Post Master or Bank Manager only.

8. Send the application and the documents to our office address.

9. Certificate will be issued on successful validation of the application and documents.

Note: All certificates will be issued within 1-3 working days after receiving the documents (hardcopies) subject to successful validation. (Changes due to the new CCA India guidelines.)

Who can apply for a Safe EXIM Digital Certificate?

Limited Company under Company Act Any employee of the company authorized to interact with DGFT on behalf of the company.
Partnership Firms Any of the partners of the firm whose name is registered in DGFT’s IEC database can apply for the Safe EXIM certificate. An employee who is not a partner of the firm is NOT authorised to apply for a Safe EXIM certificate.
Proprietorship Concern Only the proprietor of the concern whose name is registered in DGFT’s IEC database is authorised to apply for the Safe EXIM certificate.